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    • State support

      Government Supports   

      National Natural Science Funds

      Zhejiang Venture funds for Overseas Returnees

      Zhejiang Venture Funds

      Hangzhou Development Funds for Pharmaceutical Industry

      National Innovation Funds for Technology Based Small and Medium enterprises

      Zhejiang Science and Technology Major Project funds in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan

      National Science and Technology Major Project funds in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan

      National Science and Technology Major Project funds in the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan

      Key Research and Development Plan of Zhejiang Province

    • 2017

      Phase I Clinical Trials Initiating Meeting for a class 1.1 new drug, a new relaxant binding agent was successfully held in West China Hospital, Sichuan University in 2017.

      Identified as a Hangzhou City Patent pilot enterprise by Hangzhou City Science and Technology Bureau/Intellectual Property Bureau [2017]No. 107 in 2017.

      Identified as “China's Top 100 Most Valuable Investment Enterprises”by China Board of Directors Network and China Data Research Center in 2017.

    • 2016

      “Entrepreneurial Pioneer”in Gongshu District identified by General Labour Union of Gongshu District in 2016.

      A class 1.1 new drug has been licensed for clinical study phase I-III by CFDA in 2016.

      Established Zhejiang Quality Consistency Evaluation Center for Generic Drugs supported by Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration in 2016.

      Awarded “the outstanding enterprise” in China Innovation & Entrepreneurship competition organized by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China in 2016.

      Awarded one of“Warm-Hearted Overseas Chinese”in the second selection supported by Hangzhou Overseas Chinese Affairs Office in 2016.

    • 2015

      Went public successfully in NEEQ (Symbol: 832083)

      Selected as one of“The Most Potential Scientific and Technologic Companies TOP 100 in Zhejiang”by Zhejiang Province High-Tech Enterprise Association in 2015.

      Established High-tech Enterprise R&D Center of Zhejiang Province which was approved by Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province in 2015.

    • 2014

      Titled as a national high-tech company by Torch High Technology Industry Development Center, Ministry of Science & Technology.

    • 2013

      Titled as one of ten key industries by Hangzhou government in 2013.

      Established Adamerck Academician Workstation approved by Hangzhou Association for Science and Technology in 2013. 

    • 2011

      Recommended as the "Hangzhou businessman with Quality" by Hangzhou government in 2011.

    • 2007

      Titled as one of the Scientific and Technological Innovative Talents by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of The State Council in 2007.       

    • 2004

      Titled as an Outstanding Overseas Returnee by Hangzhou government in 2004.

    • 2003

      Titled as an Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker by Hangzhou government in 2003.

    • 2001

      Titled as an Advanced Individual in Hangzhou 131 Talents Program by Hangzhou government in 2001.