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    2. Muscle relaxant antagonist Aom0498

      The first independent target muscle relaxant developed by the company has entered the clinical trial stage.

      Aom0498, as the first selective specific muscle relaxant antagonist in China, inactivates both rocuronium and vecuronium and has rapid onset and high safety. It is inactive in vivo that no metabolic reaction of Aom0498 was observed.

      With independent intellectual property rights In 12th Five-Year 13th Five-Year, as a national major new drug project Huge market potential
      Other new drug projects in the company

      Anti-thrombotic Aom0315

      Aom0315 is a novel antithrombotic drug that eliminates the risk of internal haemorrhage of other antithrombotics and has a vascular repair effect. It can be used for the prevention and treatment of thrombus. It may become a milestone in the field of antithrombotics.

      Intravenous anesthetic Aom0765

      Aom0765 has rapid onset with good water solubility. Patients receiving it recover quickly from anesthesia. There is no accumulation after continuous infusion. It may be the first choice of anesthesia induction and maintenance in the future.

      Weight-Loss Drug Aom1110

      Aom1110 accelerates the elimination of fat and cannot be absorbed in vivo. It has good efficacy of losing and controlling weight and reduces incidence of diabetes and vascular diseases. It does not affect neuromuscular system. Not being excreted by liver, Aom1110 has high safety.